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 8.50 / 100 gr

100% Merino, 425 meter/100 gram

1500 grams in stock

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2x 2/17



SKULW417 - 304

Our lambswool hails from the Merino breed of sheep in Australia. Specially bred for their softness and fineness, Merinos produce wool that’s a true epitome of softness and comfort. With a fine fiber diameter of 17 – 24 micron, it comes in the thickness range of cashmere (12,5 – 20 micron). This yarn is fantastic for temperature regulation. It keeps you warm in winter but doesn’t overheat. Versatility at its best! Merino lambswool is a natural insulator, meaning it’ll keep you comfy in various climates. And here’s the eco-friendly bonus: it’s biodegradable! Knit with a clear conscience, knowing you’re choosing a sustainable option. This yarn is carded which means its waxed. You need to wash your swatch or garment first to experience full scaleof the magical transformation. With proper care, Z. Hinchliffe & Sons’ lambswool ensures enduring quality and longevity for your cherished knits.