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Soft Donegal Tweed

Regular collection Donegal Yarns

Nm 1/3.8 (380 meter per 100 gram) – 100% Merino Wool (WV)

54 stock shades

Irish made: Donegal Yarns is one of the last remaining companies producing this indigenous and authentic product in Ireland. The full production process and distribution takes place at our Donegal woollen mill in the village of Kilcar, which has a long history of industrial textile manufacturing.

The Soft Donegal range of Merino Wool is suitable for weaving and 5Gg slip stitch machine knitting and for both hand knitting and 3Gg machine knitting. Using only the best wools it meets all the requirements of modern yarn with a soft handle, yet with its large flecks and having been spun in the traditional woollen spun method it has all the ingredients of the traditional homespun Donegal.

Donegal Yarn is reputed to be influenced by the green valleys and hills flecked with grey and white stones of its landscape.  It also features the purple, pink and blue heathers of Summer, golden shades of Autumn, the red berries of the Rowan and Holly trees in Winter and the yellow blooms of the Gorse bush in Spring – unique features never seen in any other yarn.  The Donegal yarn consists of a base blend of up to six individual colours with a further seven or eight contrasting solid flecks dotted along the surface of the yarn. The skill and craft in producing this yarn lies in the ability to attach the fleck while keeping the solid contrasting feature of the fleck intact.

At the moment there are a few shades which are not available on the site, but already ordered. They will appear on the site as soon as they arrive. Feel free to contact us if you intend to purchase more than we have in stock, so we order necessary shades in time.

Donegal Álainn

Regular collection Donegal Yarns

NM 1/6 (600 meter per 100 gram) – 95% Merino (WV) 5% Cashmere (WS)

12 stock shades

The Álainn range is one of Donegal Yarn newest ranges, coming from the Gaelic word for, ‘beautiful’. It will produce a beautiful luxurious knitted or woven fabric.

A beautiful blend of the finest merino and Cashmere. This yarn is beautiful, this yarn is Álainn.

Camel Hair

Regular collection Z.Hinchliffe & Sons

NM 2/15.5 (755 meter per 100 gram) – 100% Camel hair (WK)

15 stock shades

Hinchliffe & Sons was founded in 1766 as a trading company and in 1850 the company set up its head-quarters in the rural, picturesque Yorkshire village of Denby Dale, and it remains in the very same place to this day.

None of the production processes use azo dyes, formaldehyde, carcinogenic, hazardous or allergy inducing products.

The camelhair used to produce this yarn is sourced from the Bactrician camel in China. Only hair from the underside of the camel is used in making this camel hair. The fibre gives a soft, warm yarn with plenty of body and makes the warmest and most durable of knitted garments.

The range has raw camel hair in 3 different colours: natural, blonde and the 2 marled together. The other 12 stock shades are dyed classic colours.

Camel hair has excellent thermostatic properties – No big wonder, as the hair is meant to protect these proud animals in the fierce winters of Inner Asia. When spun, it has a very nice light sheen to it, with the slightest bit of fluff. It’s also very light – much lighter than wool (so, definitely look at the meterage and not the weight when buying).